Karma Exchange for the Community

From the start, Sage Yoga has supported social service agencies in Covington and beyond, with a mission to build on the mindfulness we pursue on the mat and to do what we can for the broader community. And so we’re happy to offer a Karma Yoga Exchange, in which yogis give back to the community in exchange for reduced-rate memberships.

Here’s how it works. We’ve selected three partners who serve our neighbors in various ways. Volunteer with any of those partners for four hours each month and earn unlimited yoga classes at the studio for just $49/month. That’s it!

Start by exploring our partners’ missions (click on a link below) and find out more about what sort of volunteer opportunities they offer. Once you’ve made a decision on where you will volunteer, email us at studio@sageyogaco.com to register for the karma exchange...and then get out there and make a difference!